Sunday, October 7, 2012

Know All People by These Presents

That the undersigned shall forbear from all purchases of any store groceries until Sunday next, October 14, 2012, drawing instead from all the contents of her larder and her garden, with the exception that she shall be permitted to buy from her Farmer's Market on Tuesday or from the local community farm, but that she is to spend no more than $20 in either place, and that all must be spent exclusively on fresh produce which she shall report upon here.

Rich Sister

P.s. Obviously I cannot let Frugal Sister's $7.50 per day challenge go completely unanswered. I won't purchase anything (except for the Farmer's Market produce). The treasure trove she speaks of - or hoard as it were - will be whittled away out of my freezer and my kitchen cabinets. Every time I go out and shop, I turn away from what is already here for the taking and using. The result is those forgotten eggplants or carrots, or fish which gets freezer-burn and becomes too unpalatable to use. I am sick of feeding the trash can. Time to change my evil ways.

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