Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Drive Thru Calories, or Frugal Sister's Quickie

Noon time out on the road and I forgot that I hadn't eaten breakfast. I have $4 and a stick of gum in my purse. There was a time when a Snickers bar was adequate to keep me moving forward. Now, in my more (uh-hum) mature years, I know that a candy bar was designed by the devil to keep fat girls home crying on Friday night.  I know that there are plenty of super markets with salads-to-go.... but the best ones are out of the budget and the other more moderate priced choice is a blah option with metallic tasting shreds of lettuce and chemical'ish low-cal 'dressing' packets. 

Luckily, just about every 100 ft. there's a fast food option. The cheaper the food, the faster the steaming white bag flies into your car.  Ah, America!  I imagine having to list the calories has been a blow to these purveyors of type 2 diabetes. How can ANYONE not see that a double quarter pounder with cheese has more calories then the average sized adult needs in one day? Oh, and add some fries with that to make it a value meal! If you are past the age of 18 and do not spend your day running marathons or practicing for your 500 meter butterfly competition, I'm guessing that this meal is just another super size reason that you are not too fit, Chubbo.

Back to the $4 meal choice. I've picked my days winner: for $2.50 I can bag a taco and bean burrito at Taco Bell. High fiber, high protein beans are about the most nutritionally solid thing that you can grab for about $1.  A medium soda would bump it up to $4. I like sodas. I crave diet Pepsi. I know it's bad and over priced and something that I ought to walk away from....... but it's not as expensive as a massage and not as dangerous as cigarettes. It stays in the guilty pleasure column, when I'm not having a 'dirt poor' week. In that case, I load up on the taco sauce and make it a side dish. Remember when they wanted to make catsup a vegetable in the school lunch programs?  What happened to that?

Anyway, don't forget to throw away the empty bag when you've finished. Some meals are best consumed and forgotten. It's not the kind of date you want reminders about, and that kind of trash is....well, trashy!

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